Chief FX Trader from major bank breaks rank to reveal how ANYONE could pick up an easy £550-£1,200 a week from the Forex markets, if you avoid this one mistake...

Top Bank Fx Trader
Reveals Shocking Truth

The real reason most people
NEVER make a penny from Forex!

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"If you can meet me on one of these courses, I'll blow the whistle on the fatal mistake that sinks most private traders who go near the Forex markets...

...and show you how you could make hefty returns for every 10 minutes you spend in the FX markets - virtually guaranteed!

But before we get going I need to make one thing crystal clear...

This ISN'T an invitation to some high-cost seminar or a ruse to lure you into a room of salesmen desperate for your money.

So why on earth am I doing this...?


Dear Friend,

I'm going to break all the rules now, and tell you something that most pro-traders, most financial publishers and most so-called FX experts would rather you didn't know...

But I want you to know the truth about the Forex markets, something that could help you make some serious money from them in just two days.

So here goes...

2% of traders make money from FX. The other 98% pretty much lose everything. And there's nothing they can do about it.

It doesn't matter what strategy they try or what system they follow... they'll keep on losing their investments, unless they change ONE THING about the way they approach the markets.

I'm not telling you this to make you feel bad. And I'm certainly not telling you this so that you steer clear of the FX markets.

Far from it.

Forex is THE biggest money market with the highest potential for the private investor to make huge profits.

You can trade Forex at any time of the day that suits you, you can pull in serious gains in bull AND bear markets, and you can use a small stake to make serious returns - far far greater than buying and selling shares.

In short, if you're not in Forex, you should be. Because it's potential is staggering.

And it's EASY to make this money, to be in the 2% that turn a profit, IF you know some basic, simple rules of FX trading.

In fact, if you know just a handful of basic techniques and one simple no-frills strategy, and you're shown this strategy properly, making money on the FX markets is one of the easiest things you can do.

And I should know...

Confessions from the FX trading floors...

I worked for major investment banks such as Société Générale, Fuji Bank, Manufacturers Hanover, and Paribas for over 20 years (including several years in London) - holding down positions ranging from Chief FX Dealer to Bank FX Profitability Consultant.

In that time I saw millions of dollars of profit every day (I personally made over $50million for the banks and my clients on FX) - so I KNOW how much potential FX has. And if you manage to claim a place at my exclusive 'Forex Masters' event (I've circled the dates in my diary - printed above), I'll show you everything you need to start making money from Forex - no matter what your background.

Seriously, you spend this time with me, and you could be making substantial amounts every time you hit the FX markets.

So why am I telling you this? And why am I happy take the time to personally show you the real way to make money from FX...?


I'm just sick and tired of the rubbish I've seen recently that tries to pass itself off as a serious FX system. And I'm sick and tired of seeing offers that claim a manual, tip service or DVD course could make you millions from FX.

I worked in FX trading floors for over 20 years, so I know what works. And so much of the stuff that's doing the rounds wouldn't make you a penny.

Worse; they could actually lose you a whole lot of money because of one fatal flaw...

Want to know the REAL reason why most people never make a penny from Forex...?

Here's the problem...

Most FX systems and guides take too long, are too complicated or are just plain WRONG! And I haven't yet heard of a Forex tip service that consistently makes people money. Sure, they'll make you the occasional profit, but over a year you'll be lucky (and I mean VERY lucky) to be a couple of thousand pounds up. In fact, you'll be lucky to break even in some cases.

But perhaps the biggest problem of all is this...

None of these things offer any hands on guidance.

Of course, they haven't been designed on purpose to MAKE you fail, but if I'd been left alone in a room with a guide or some dvds back when I was starting my first FX trading job at Paribas bank - I can guarantee I wouldn't have made any money.

In fact, I'd have LOST a ton of it - enough to have finished my career. Because being given a guide - no matter how good - is NOT the way to master the markets. And it's certainly not the way to start out in the markets.

Think about it...?

Would you have taken a car out onto the motorway having just read a book about driving, without a single face-to-face driving lesson? Would you have been happy to watch a dvd before being pushed into the deep end of a swimming pool without a swimming instructor standing by your side, ready to help you out?

Of course not! Yet this is what so many private investors are doing... flinging themselves into the 'deep end' of the FX markets with only a manual or a dvd to help them. It's no wonder 98% of private investors who play the FX lose money.

Basically, they're left to drown.

But what about the 2%? How come this small minority make money while most fail?

Well I'd like to show you - in person - how this 2% regularly makes money from the FX markets, no matter what. If you get in fast and come and meet me, I'll cut away the fluff to show you the simple steps you need to make to start pulling in profits.

FX Masters Seminar

Not millions a year, or hundreds of thousands... but certainly a few hundred to a thousand pounds a week.

As I've already said, this ISN'T an invitation to spend £3,000 or £4,000 to attend a Forex seminar (and I've run PLENTY of those in the U.S.)

Nor is this a multi-speaker/multi-topic event, with 10+ speakers all pitching you their services.

This is simply a rare chance for you to attend a bonafide 2-day Forex training course, taught by the most experienced Forex traders in the World, who want to show you some specific tricks of the trade designed to make you a potential hefty returns every time you spend 10 minutes on the FX markets...

Tricks of the trade that most FX experts would either NEVER divulge, or would charge you thousands to reveal.

But not us, not at THIS seminar.

If you're lucky enough to secure a place, and you follow the professional secrets you'll learn over two days (I was going to call them my secrets, but EVERY pro trader uses these - they just don't tell you about them!), you'll know how to pull in fast, easy money week in, week out.

Put simply, I'd like to make it easy for you to join the 2%. And I'm going to give you the FX trading floor secrets you need to start making this money, quickly and easily.

There's no mystery to it... no hard work involved, no financial knowledge needed.

Just a series of simple, powerful FX techniques you can use in your spare time to break into the markets and 'steal away' a few hundred pounds at a time.

And if you get to meet me - in person - while I'm in London, I'd like to show you how.

I'll explain why I'm doing this in more detail in a moment (and the ridiculous offer I'd like to make you).

But before we get to that, I'd like to clear up another myth of the Forex markets...

The information they tried to ban...

FX Masters SeminarI shouldn't be telling you any of this...

Don't worry, you're not in any trouble. But I might be.

You see right now, Forex trading is the toast of the financial world and the investment publishing world. It's making big money for big paying clients. And traders charge these clients a fortune - anything from £10,000 - £50,000 to reveal the secrets that make real money from the markets.

I should know. I used to be one of those guys.

In fact, I was Chief FX Trader, Bank FX Profitability Consultant, and held various other top FX positions at a number of leading investment banks like Societe General, Fuji Bank and Paribas. And if they knew I was writing to you today, they wouldn't be best pleased.

Because these secrets are meant to be kept 'in-house'.

You see you don't need a smart wood-panelled office in the city to make this work. Nor do you have to be a hotshot £500K a year trader with expert knowledge of the markets. Of course, that's what the stock market pros want you to think.

But the truth is, all you need is a computer, and a spare 1-2 hours a week, and you could be making some easy, easy money within minutes of being told the secrets of the FX trading floors.

Secrets that I'm happy to spill. Secrets that you'll NEVER find in a manual or DVD.

But only if you're happy with two conditions...

I'm happy to 'give away' my best research - but only if you agree to the following...

If you really want to make money from the FX markets, there's only one way that's going to work...

You need to be shown how to trade, face to face with someone who's done it day in day out for the past 20+years. And that's the opportunity you'll have if you get to join me. .

So here's the first condition you need to be happy with to make this work...

I've arranged to run THREE exclusive 2-day seminars in London so I can show you a series of simple, powerful techniques that will make you money from the FX markets, even if you only have 30 minutes a week to spare.

Sending you a book showing you how it's done is no good. You NEED to have me explain the ins and outs to you, and to be there to answer any questions you have.

Asking you to watch a set of DVDs won't work either. There'll be secrets I need to demonstrate live - using REAL charts and markets - that just can't be shown on a DVD.

Because to be in that 2% of FX traders who make all the money, you need a bit of hand holding at the beginning.

This is non-negotiable. You have to be able to attend a seminar and meet me face to face for this to work. It's the only way I've seen that lets you make regular profits from the FX markets without losing a ton of money getting there.

'Uh-oh', you're probably thinking...

'Good seminars cost anywhere between £2,000 and £5,000. This is no different from all those other offers I've had...'

Well this IS different...

Because this two-day seminar - the whole thing INCLUDING a hands-on guide we'll be using on the day (rather than me just posting it to your house and leaving you to figure it out yourself) - will only cost you £197 + VAT.

FX Masters Seminar

That's it. That's the deal. £197 + VAT for a two day seminar, where I'll teach you the professional (yet extremely simple) techniques that could have you making £550-£1,200 a week from Forex, within days of us meeting.

It really is that simple. After two days of me walking you through the markets, you'll SEE - as clear as daylight - how to make this money.

Because I'll be sharing some of my best stuff with you... strategies and secrets specially selected to make FX trading profitable and EASY for the home trader.

You'll discover...

  • The secret 'pairings' that show you when to trade and when to steer clear. This one simple pro trick will help you avoid the BIG mistakes and could save you thousands over your home trading career...

  • The hidden language of Forex charts - and how you can eavesdrop on their 'conversations' to make £300-£500 in minutes...

  • How you could turn your daily paper into EASY profits on the FX markets... IF you stick to these mega-profitable times of the day...

  • The biggest, most powerful secret of EVERY pro FX trader (and it's not directly about making profits, but can lead to massive profits)...

  • A simple tick list that can put you in the top 2% of private FX traders in the country. Just check off this simple list BEFORE you trade, and you could more than double your profits over a year...

  • 'Cut out the waste' and use these specific powerful key FX technical tools to make more profits in less time.

  • The BEST way to use the trading secrets I'll share with you (this is a simple mental trick that could up you from average trader to superstar trader in days!)

Basically, I'll show you everything you need (no more, no less) to kick start your FX home trading career, so you have the ability to make £550-£1,200 a week without fuss. But I need to show you all of this in person. That's the catch. You need to be able to meet me for two days at a central London venue, for about 7 hours a day. And you'll need to move fast to reserve a place, because I can only see a limited number of people.

We'll go through the dates I'm visiting in a moment.

First - remember I said there were two conditions to me showing you these secrets...?

Well this is the second one...

I want to show you a simple, locked-down system that you can take away and use - on your own - to start making money from FX straight away.

I don't want you to have to refer to tons of books and websites and manuals after I've gone... and I don't want you trying to get to grips with every single FX strategy that's out there.

That's why I've designed this 2-day course to be an instant way for you to make profits from the Forex markets... something you can use in your spare time without any headaches or stress.

But there is a downside to this...

The secrets I'll share with you WON'T have the power to make you millions. They won't even make you £500,000 a year, or £200,000...

It is possible to make this money on the markets, but I can't accurately show you how to do that in two days. And I want you to walk away with a system you can really USE.

Are you happy with that? It's better that you're honest now rather than later. If you manage to reserve a place, I can show you how you could make around £550-£1,200 a week from the FX markets - that's the bottom line.

If you want - or need - to make more than that, then this seminar won't be for you.

That's it. They are the two conditions you have to accept:

  • Act quickly to reserve a place on my two-day seminar - this CAN'T be done by correspondence...

  • Be happy with £550-£1,200 profit a week. What I want to share with you won't work at higher levels than that.

Actually, there's a third condition I want to add...

  • No timewasters. I only have time to see two small groups of people during my two weeks in London, so I only want to work with people who are serious about making money from Forex and earning a second income. Basically, I want people who will USE the secrets I'll give them.

Okay. Ready to move on? Good,

These two days could seriously make you an easy £550-£1,200 a week from the FX markets... for life! But places are strictly limited...

If you're looking for ways to make millions, or want to turn a £20,000 profit overnight - I can't help you. But if you're looking for a way to make at least £500 a week (that's the minimum I expect you to pick up), I can show you simple tricks of the trade that siphons this money from the FX markets straight to your account - time after time after time.

In short, I want to show you some simple steps that will pick you up a serious second income from a financial market you don't have to know a thing about.

And get this - forget about the current crisis in the economy and all the uncertainty in the money markets. What I'm about to show you can make money no matter what the markets are doing! Really - this can make you money in any situation.

And within days, if you follow these steps in the right order, and don't go for the big, flashy money, you could be pulling in around £2,000-£5,000 a month.

It doesn't matter what you do now. You could be a teacher, a postman, a brickie, a farmer, a student…

To be honest, I don't care what you do. It really doesn't matter...

As long as you want to make 'modest' money from the FX markets, this is for you.

If you have the discipline to 'work' for 10 minutes - whenever it suits YOU - then you could be grabbing profits from FX practically at will. All by using straightforward, simple techniques that have been making FX traders fast, exciting money for years.

I PROMISE you, there's an EASY way for you to do this. And if you let me, I'll prove to you - beyond a shadow of a doubt, that making fast profits from the FX markets is well within your reach, no matter what other FX seminars or courses you've tried.

So who I am to tell you that you can make fast, easy profits with these secrets...?

These are secrets pro-traders will NEVER tell you about....

I apologise for all the cloak and dagger stuff, but I'd really rather not reveal exactly who I am until I meet you in person.

Let's just say I'm a very well known figure in the pro Forex markets... someone who's worked at the very top of the tree for over 20 years at institutions such as Société Générale, Fuji Bank, Manufacturers Hanover, and Paribas.

I've worked as Chief FX Dealer and Head of Currency Arbitrage, to Options Trader, Market Maker, Liquidity Provider, Proprietary Trader, and Bank FX Profitability Consultant, handling billions (literally - billions) of dollars on the FX markets in that time.

I've made A LOT of money for A LOT of people - mainly rich clients and multinationals, and they've paid me well in the process.

So I don't think they'd be too pleased if they knew I was giving away all my best research and most powerful secrets to anyone who wants to join me on the 'inside' of Forex trading.

But right now I don't care what they think. All I want is the chance to cut through all the rubbish that's out there and show you - in person - that anyone can make serious money from the FX markets from home.

That's all it will take - me showing you the techniques, face to face, and I'm 100% CONVINCED I can teach you how to make £2,000-£5,000 a month - in your spare time - from the FX markets.

I say I'm convinced - and say it loud - because in my time I've trained dozens of junior Wall Street FX traders that have gone on to have highly profitable careers in the FX markets - and the techniques I want to show you are ones they cut their teeth and made their first profits with, within days of walking through the doors and shaking my hand.

Seriously, the strategies and tactics I'll share with you are STILL being used in the banks by many of the young traders I trained. Not because they're flashy or fancy or sound good, but because they consistently take money out of the market.

In fact, some of junior traders banked a profit the very FIRST time they followed my tactics. That's coming to me totally fresh, straight from college, and having just one day's training.

It really is that simple. Spend just one day with me, and I practically guarantee you'll be successfully raiding the Forex markets the very next time you switch your laptop on and copy exactly what I tell you.

Spend TWO days - which is what I'm offering here if you're lucky enough to reserve a place - and you'll have a skill you can use for life, while most others KEEP on looking at their manuals, KEEP on scratching their heads, and KEEP on losing!

If you can join the dots or paint by numbers, then you can use my techniques to make money from the FX markets - easily!

Seriously, if you're at all interested in making money from the FX markets, I'm 100% convinced I can show you the easiest way how. All you need to do is act quickly and reserve one of the limited places on offer today.

If you manage to do that, you can sit back and leave the rest to me.

Remember, I've used this self-same knowledge to help launch the careers of dozens of successful FX traders who came to me as FX virgins - and almost immediately they were using these simple techniques to pull money from the FX markets time and time again.

The secrets I'll be sharing with you have worked for the past twenty-odd years and are STILL being taught in many of the top investment houses I worked in - so there's absolutely no reason for them to stop working now.

But what about people who DON'T do this full time?

Good question.

Take a look at this...

Want more proof? Take a look at this...

As I've already mentioned, I used to work for some of the top investment banks in the world. But I stepped out of the rat race about 6 years ago, because I'd made more than enough money - both for me, my bosses and my clients.

Well in excess of $50million - with me taking a fair share.

And I could have retired on the spot right there and then.

But you know what...? I just couldn't let this knowledge - knowledge I'd built up over 20 years - just go to waste... not when I knew there were so many ordinary, hard-working people who could stand to make an extra £2,000-£5,000 a month without barely breaking a sweat.

So, I decided to show theses strategies to a handful of volunteers who wanted to make money from home - and more importantly in their spare time - just by using simple 'cut and paste' techniques that ANYONE can apply to ANY Forex market in any circumstances in just 10 minutes.

In fact, they were facing the exact same decision you're facing right now... 'should I try this out or not?'

Here's what just a few of them have told me:

"...I have made good trades the last 4 nights straight using your bands. 41 pips the first night, 36 pips the second, 70 pips the third and 30 pips on the fourth night, this has totalled in $8,850.00 dollars on 5 lots. I have been trading exactly as you said... it has worked great!" - Ryan

"...I know this is only a week I have been trading with you, but I am an experienced trader and I can clearly see, for someone who knows what they are doing, you guys are the best there is out there." - Muzeyin

"... Just to let you know how we appreciate your massive effort to educate us. Would also like to add that you are most fair in your depiction of the success/failure of a trade - those pips are real for anybody to take." - Jit

"... I appreciate the sincere honesty, it's a breath of fresh air in the "World of Forex hype"." - Rod

"...This is just a word of thanks and appreciation for your education program in general and for your strategies in particular. Ever since you introduced the 3 currencies into the "band width" my bottom line has definitely improved - better profits and better win/loss ratio = trading with more confidence and consistency. And the last few days have been spectacular!!! I've had 5-6 months with you and my whole trading perspective has totally turned around, despite struggling for a year or more with forex." - Richard

" it mate... absolutely love the education, this system is perfectly suited to me. I feel like it is the one.. made 2 trades so far both perfect.. just want to thank you both for a 6 star class service." - Wayne

"...(the) material is truly excellent, makes perfect sense and clarifies everything I have learned so far from other sources. It really puts everything together and I have been looking at it for just a few days. Only two days after reviewing the core material, I was perfectly clear on determining the risk of the trade, where to enter and where to exit. At the end of the second day, I placed a trade which earned 130 pips with a risk of 40 points." - Samir

"...This stuff is really working. I've been demoing for three weeks and have been making a lot of pips. I want to gain a large enough statistical sample of practice trades before going live, but so far so good. I've combined your strategies with other tech/fundamental strategies I've learned and it feels good to have a unique, consistently profitable strategy" - Kris

"...Thanks for your training seminars. The penny finally dropped for me in the last two weeks with regard to your system and I have made money consistently every day since. Wow! If my success continues throughout this year I will definitely put you on my Xmas list!" - Gary

"... In my years of trading I have not seen such a clear, useful and concise presentation of a trading approach. Bravo! ...the quality of your materials and my experiencing watching almost daily your review/previews convinces me that you stand head and shoulders above any of the many presentations I have ever considered." - Roger

"...I just wanted to say that I feel everything has been going great so far and I could not picture learning this market from anyone better." - Lou

Please bear in mind, these letters aren't from investment pros or traders... these are from ordinary folk who came to FX without a clue of how the markets worked, and - from scratch - started picking up profits and building a second wealth ON TOP of their day jobs.

And I think this is what gets up the noses of the investment banks I used to work for - ANYONE can copy my proven FX techniques - word for word - and almost immediately they could be making £2,000-£5,000 a month, just by joining the dots and taking the cash.

And to make sure this has the very best chance of working for you, I'm offering you the chance to join me for a two-day power seminar, where I'll strip down everything and show you the pro-FX techniques that could make you£550-£1,200 a week with the minimum of fuss.

But if you're interested, you'll have to move fast...

My first week of London seminars sold out in days and these next events will probably be my last in the UK as my schedule for this year is already full...

After I 'retired' from the FX trading floors I returned to the US, where I now spend some of my time helping private investors make easy money from the exchanges - using strategies they can use in their spare time.

I rarely make it over to the UK. But for due to unprecedented demand I'll be holding THREE of my two-day seminars in Central London - and that's it.

( The seminar dates are: 25th/26th May 2018 in London, 08th/09th June 2018 in London and 22nd/23rd June 2018 in London )

After that I'll fly back to the States, and I don't know when I'll be back.

I can fit 80 eager investors into each two-day seminar and once those places have gone, that's it.

Now, most seminars cost at least £995 (that's usually for just one day), and others cost up to £5,000. So at just £197 + VAT for the full two days, I expect these places to go instantly.

Forbidden Forex GuideEspecially as I'll be giving you an exclusive guide - called 'Forbidden Forex - Profit secrets smuggled from the Trading Floors' - that reveals the quickest, smartest tricks you can use to pull profits from the FX markets.

We'll be referring to the guide during the seminar, and it's yours to keep.

Remember, this is a PROPER seminar, one I could charge £995 for easily - even in these hard times.

But I don't need to make a killing from this. And you know what...?

I don't WANT to make a killing from this. Not in the current climate. Especially after you've had your nose rubbed in the greedy bonus culture of bankers so often. All right, I'm not a banker myself these days, but like I said, I made plenty of money when I used to work for major investment houses.

So I'm happy to keep the cost low at just £197 + VAT for the full two days. (Don't worry - I'm not an angel - I'll STILL make a bit of money from this, but peanuts compared to what I've made from trading).

Besides, I'd like to give something back to fellow traders who'd like to experience the thrill of FX markets but just don't know where to start. And nothing gives me greater pleasure than showing someone who's serious about trading a real, proven, EASY way to make money from the FX markets.

Not millions... this won't make you rich... but enough to add £550-£1,200 a week to your bank balance, rather than LOSE money like the majority who try FX trading without the proper tuition.

But before we go any further, there is one thing I need to tell you about...

I have a confession to make (and it might make a difference to your decision)...

You know I said I'd decided to only charge £197 + VAT for this full two-day seminar...?

Well I wasn't being entirely straight with you...

You see, because this is possibly the last time I’ll ever present this seminar in the UK, I'd like to make you a very special offer...

If you manage to reserve one of the rare places on offer, I'll only charge you £197 + VAT.

That's right. This whole thing will only cost £197 + VAT. That's it. No add ons, no cut of your profits, no monthly 'update' fee...

Just a one-off payment of £197 + VAT. For the 2-day seminar, for me personally sharing my secrets with you, for the 'Forbidden Secrets' course guide, for everything.

But there is one thing I'd like you to do for me in return...

I'd like you to fill in a brief questionnaire at the end of the two day event. It'll only take you a couple of minutes, but your feedback could help me with my seminars back in the States.

Who knows... I might even come back to the U.K. at some point in the future. (But if I do, these seminars are likely to cost a lot more), so I'd really appreciate your input.

I hope that sounds fair.

Because if you manage to get a place at one of these seminars, I can show you - in person - what so many FX guides and DVDs fail to do... and that's make money EASILY and SAFELY!

These are the ONLY dates I have booked in for the U.K....

It's up to you now...

You have the decision to make, and I really hope you make the right one, and quickly - because these seminars are going to fill up fast.


  • It's only £197 + VAT for a full blown 2-day FX seminar (better than paying £5,000? I think so...)
  • I've traded for over 20 years as an FX pro, and you can see from the testimonials I receive that my strategies work for ordinary folk...
  • You'll receive your FREE copy of 'FORBIDDEN FOREX: Profit Secrets Smuggled From The Trading Floors' - an exclusive guide for seminar attendees only. I could probably charge £297 for this guide alone - the information in it is that good. But I'm not interested in squeezing you for every penny; I want to help you make money!
  • You could be making an extra £550-£1,200 a week from FX, on top of any other investments or income you have, because these techniques can be used in your spare time. .

I've just read this back, and to me this is the biggest no-brainer I've ever seen. If you have any interest in really making FX work for you then this is for you.

Actually it's more than that...

If you have any interest in making an extra £550-£1,200 a week from trading on top of anything else you may be involved with, then this must be for you!

The only challenge is actually getting one of the available places. Remember, I'm in England for only a few days, so this could be your only chance.

So if you have any interest in this, register NOW and reserve your place.

I look forward to hearing from you shortly, and more importantly, look forward to seeing you in a few weeks time.

Because if I you manage to reserve a place and spend these two days with me, I can show you how you could add £550-£1,200 to your bottom line, every week.

That's the offer - and only 80 people per seminar are going to get in. Once the places have gone, that's it - because after these seminars I'm flying home.

So reply TODAY, and make one of those places YOURS!


Best regards, 

FX Masters Seminar

PS Remember, there are just 80 places available per seminar, and I'm only doing 3 seminars - that's it. And at the price I'm charging, these places will go quick (my $3,000 US seminars sell out in days). So book a place today, or risk missing out.

PPS These secrets will NOT make you a millionaire. If that's what you're after this won't be for you. But if you'd like to discover a nailed-on way to make £550-£1200 a week from the FX markets - from home - then I want to meet you!

Click on the link below to book for your place

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